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Paul McColgan

Production Manager, Technical Director, Actor

Born on Feb 3, 1984 in Tampa, Florida.

A Tampa native since he was three years old, Paul is the construction guy of the company. He started out as the Marketing Director, and for the past seven years, he has served as Production Manager for Hat Trick.

“I always find great joy and pride in taking what’s drawn on paper and making it into a real life thing in front of the audience. Jack Holloway likes to joke that he always asks me to do at least ONE impossible thing per production, and I feel that’s one of the big ways I get to grow as a builder”

As a founding member, Paul was present at the first meetings in the Tampa area where a group of friends got together and decided they wanted to put on shows. Since that time he has acted, stage managed, designed, built, shopped for, or photo-bombed nearly every production Hat Trick has put on.

“To me, Hat Trick has always been a family. We bring new people in, some stick around for a long time, some go on to do their awesome things, but everyone, whether they are here for one show or 10 seasons, is treated with love and respect. That has always been the most important thing to us.”


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